Chairman Desk

Hello India, hello Indian citizens and multitude of India. Let me enjoy this special moment and privilege to get myself introduced. My purpose and motive are not to profess myself as Chairman but to be acquainted with all of you as a person who believes in the philosophy – “life is like a book with three chapters, two are already written by God viz, ‘birth and death’.” The chapter in the middle has been lying empty; what I believe that I should fill it with my smile, love, faith and altruistic performances. I am buoyant to do so with my dynamic endeavor till I reach to the pinnacle of performance. It’s really a great honour for me to send this massage to my entire loved one and to everybody in India and abroad. As I believe also that our country is built by mind and not by bricks only. As a matter of fact, I have built myself from my very juvenile stage, I would like to work hard with a very constructive attitude as this is my innate quality not to compromise and adjust with negativity and with the detrimental theories which could contaminate the nation. Should I mention also, that I maintain through my activities, a philanthropic and cosmopolitan ideology through health care subject in a very big way since wellness program are being increased now a days in galloping manner for the health and well-being of the people. I believe my medicines will help the ailing people to make them fit physically and mentally. My company has been trying sincerely to have a growth of production of different medicines in the three sectors viz, Allopath, Ayurved & Naturopath as per our published medicinal nomenclature. This BIOTECH HEALTHCARE LTD. has been duly incorporated under Register of Companies, New Delhi.

The company is managed and controlled by efficient Directors, Executives, monitored by Vice President with a definite target of reaching every door in India with a benign mission to help people and stand beside them to live longer.

According to the report of UNICEF 22000 children die each day owing to poverty. We are aware from their statistics also that 21000 people die every day due to hunger and hunger related causes. As a matter of fact hungry people can be trapped for their dire poverty. Now a day’s few of us are trying to make different program to create some avenues and opportunities which can be more encouraging to escape from hunger and to increase their buying capacity. My company has been consulting & concentrating to take a pivotal role to prepare such medicines viz Allopath, Ayurved and Naturopath as early told. The modern healthcare science has approved this particular science which can heal different types of aliments.

Based on this scenario we have installed already a big manufacturing unit in Himachal Pradesh with a latest sophisticated technology in the global dimension. Our executives had made a research in India that majority of Indian multitude die in few reasons mainly prices of the medicines are too much and beyond the buying capacity of poor people, secondly quality of the medicines are not up to the mark. These are the reasons which made us more encouraging to start our endeavour with righteousness to produce these medicines. Our allopathic department is enriched with different categories of Tablets, Capsules/ Soft Gels, Syrups, Injectables, Dry Liquids, Dry Powder, Drops and other alliage important medicine which are very useful medicines for the general ailment along with Cream, Soap, Sachet and Protein Powder. We are the company who is running with insatiable desire of doing the best to have the stunning result in place of heath care circumference and this will not stop until we can defuse immaculate services covering all the chapters of human ailments. On the strength of our infrastructure we have been trying to spread and diffuse the light of the company through entire India gradually. My company’s destination is to ensure that no patients should be declined refused access to high quality and affordable medicines with allied support. We are very much optimistic to fulfill our mission to be a leading national health care company with full of innovative ideas and technology. Tell you frankly we are dreaming big and doing bigger so that people live longer, it has been a eventful perception from the very inception that we are just not in the business of “make believe” but develop a process of “making people believe in themselves.”
In fine, a word of thanks to be given to all of my country people whose love and blessings have brought us here today.